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correct position for mezuza


I have lately been asked and have noticed many mezuzos that are not affixed at their right place. The 1st picture is a double doorframe [very common], one where the door actualy closes, and an external frame. The correct place is shown here, the mezuza must be placed in the inner frame, that is correctly called "mezuzas ha'shaar" and the area within is "challal hapetach".
In the 2nd picture - the mezuza is standing at the wrong place lechtchila. But bdieved or if impossible to affix at the inner doorframe, the second option is kosher if the mezuza is a tefach [8 cm] within the inner frame. Further away than a tefach is probably pasul.
See Chovas Hador p. 67 note 3: בהרבה פתחים יש מזוזה and Pishei Shearim p. 307-8 (אות לב)

I think the same law applies to affixing the mezuza on the outer side of the outer…