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Torah Ornaments

Does anyone know when they historically started using the common Ashkenaz Torah ornaments like: Crown, Breast Plate, Meil. Also, when did the custom of Sefardic communities start to have a Torah placed in a special box. When did these two differing customs evolve? Does anyone know of a sefer in Hebrew or English which explains everything about the Torah also on a historical perspective.

Selling a mezuzah to a goy

I suppose this is a bigger problem for Judaica shops who are open to anyone who walks in off the street. What isw the halachah? Perhaps Rabbis Bloomestiel or Gorman would have experience in this matter?
Just fixing parshat tsav in at Torah and noticed this error. I think what has happened is that the join between yud and nun sofit shapes faded badly (though it is still there and still solid but very thin) and then a subsequent (and it appears careless) scribe who was inking over thinking it was a yud has added a regel to the yud creating a safek over the tsura of the ot. It looks like a yud and nun but is actually a tsadi sofit. Or is it? It should read chamets (see tikkun). Now can one merely thicken the existing join between the letters and then scrape the regel of the yud or is that chok tochot? The simplest non doubt way would be to erase the whole yud and rewrite as a tsadi sofit. However what if this had been in tefillin or mezuzah where shelo k'sidran correction would not be permitted - could one reinforce the existing join and scrape the regel? What do people think?

Tefillin for someone missing an arm

1 What is the halacha when someone is missing their left (weaker arm) from the kibores? 2 What is the halacha when someone has a full arm cast which covers even the kibores? It appears that in the first case the person is completely exempt from placing tefillin shel yad 27:1 Rema; Shulchan Aruch HaRav 27:3, in the second case they should put on tefillin, to satisfy the opinion of the Rashba , (that does not hold there is a problem of chatzitzah with Tefillin), however without a bracha (based on S A HaRav ibid:7. There is the opinion of the Magen Avraham 27:3 (also quoted in the S A HaRav 27:3, which is inserted in special parenthesis), that in the first case the tefillin shel yad should be placed on the right arm, without a bracha. Does the Magen Avraham hold the same for the second case? Is it correct to say that Lehalacha Lemassah one does not follow the Magen Avraham in this case(s)?