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I want to thank Eli for this beautiful, thoughtful and very interesting and usefull forum.
May Hashem grant you strength to continue this, as many other good deeds.

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Yesterday Mordechai Pinchas posted this question - what is this? a kosher zadi, or a yud connected to a nun?

I think this is exactly the argument mentioned long ago in the בכור case, that the caf and vav are so close to each other but not touching. [posts given at end of this blog]
The opinions in regard בכור that say that it is kosher as is, so no need/care what a tinok will read. Accordingly here, they will say since the yud and nun are touching and they are a kosher zadi, we are not concerned what a tinok may read.
[I don't think anybody is concerned of the regel of the yud - as a cause of a shinuy tzura of the zadi].
The opinions mentioned in regard to בכור that say that although the letters are not touching, still the wrong conception in the eyes of a tinok cause them to be considered another letter [in that case - mem], will say here the same - we must ask a tinok what does he read חמץ או חמין???
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