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Just been asked a couple of questions. One about k'laf patching which I could answer but one about the retsuah for the head tefillin getting damaged in specific spots where the leather comes in contact with sweaty skin, which I would appreciate some thoughts on as to how can this damage be prevented (and 'stop sweating' is not an option) or repaired?    Todah,   Mordechai

big Vov in the word "Gachon" in parshas shmini

I recently sold a sefer Torah to a shul who brought it to my attention that the word gachon is supposed to have a big vov. I spoke to the sofer and he gave me a list of the accepted big and small letters in the torah, which I have attached to this post. Gachon is not one of them. Can anyone tell me the background info about this vov and if it is commonly written large today or not?