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Sefard and Ashkenaz customs of reading the Torah

Does any one know of a makor or at least the reason why Sefardic minyans read the Torah while it is standing, where as Ashkenaz minyans read the Torah while it is laying down? Was this concept from a mesorah or did it evolve through the time as a way of giving proper kavod to the Torah, similar to some of the ornaments that came about over the time?

White out on Klaf

I heard an eitzah today that I want to know what the olam has to say about it. Sometimes the klaf takes in the dio too much that even if one is able to erase what's on top, still there is a roshem left on the inside that cannot come off. Could someone take white-out (here in Eretz Yisrael they have typex which I think is the same thing?) put that over where the part to erase was, be m'shafshaf a little bit where the typex is then write over it?