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L'Shmo by Kasivas Tefillin

In Shut Maharsham Chelek Daled Siman 111 he brings down a "shitas Ramban and shar poskim" that Tefillin you don't need l'shmo at all even by casiva. Where is this Ramban? Who are the "shar poskim"? What other achronim have used this as a tziruf in dealing with a shailo of "l'shmo"? (Teahuva can be found here: . He mentions the Ramban in the second to last paragraph of the teshuva. d'h "v'hinai")

Left foot of Hai inside a Dalet

These are illustrated pictures The sofer mistakenly wrote a Hai instead of dalet, he may not make the Dalet kosher by scraping away the foot, this act is called "chok tochos" [see Mishnat Sofrim, Dalet]. The same applies by pulling the gag of the Dalet leaving the left foot way behind, this doesn't make the Dalet kosher, since this is still actualy a Hai. Even if this Hai would be considered pasul [for any reason], it still would be a [pasul] Hai, and not a Dalet. Therefore the sofer must pasel this dalet after scraping away the left foot from the Hai, in-order to correct the Dalet through writing  כתיבה ולא חקיקה. This is a Dalet that a drop of ink fell into its right side - a tinok should be summoned and asked, if he reads this as dalet, it is permitted to scrape away the drop of ink. What is the difference between these cases? I think in the first case, since the sofer intended this to be a Hai, it is still a hai [until the left foot is erased], but the seco