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Tzade Sofit

Take a look at the TZADE SOFIT of AL HA'ARETZ.  The Yod part of the letter has no Yerech where it connects to the body of the letter.  However, the YUD part does have a yerech on the right, just like a normal YOD would. Are you of the opinion  that one could possibly be makil on this, as the YOD part does have a YERECH.  Or would this be a shinui in the shape of the letter, since there is no Yerech toward the side of the body, How would you consider this?    Are there grounds to hold that the letter still retains its shape, and therefore consider it KASHER?  Please don't be shy with your comments.


When a sofer finishes a mezuzah or tefillin parshiyos do they always send it to a magia? Do sofrim do this work themselves? I'm assuming a Sefer Torah everyone sends, maybe not? B'kitzur now a days what's the seder ha'davarim after a sofer finishes something until it is finally sold (Sefer Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzos)

gid on top of gid

When I was closing this pair of Tefillin I started plying in the black groove line and noticed that there are bits of old gid stuck in the groove, they were painted over and when they were checked the previous time they must of not been totally taken out and therefore concealed and sewn with new gid right on top of them. Am I obligated to wedge them out in order for the Tefillin to be kosher? Or is it anyways kosher? Any advice how to get some of the bits out where even a needle cannot ply them out.