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Wishing one and all a Gut Yom Tov!

In many ways, as sofrim who are osek in writing, fixing, checking and selling sifrei Torah, Zman Matan Toroseinu has an extra special significance.  So I would like to wish one and all a freilichen Yom Tov, may we be mekabel the Torah "besimchah ubepnimiyus" and may we all have continued success in our holy work!

Pei - Shinui tzura?

Can there be an issue of shinui tzura with some of these Peis?

Small Hole

I made a small hole in the klaf where the taggim would go for the word sason. What are my options other than switching the Iriah? It is an 11-line Megilla and this is the second to last amund on this piece of klaf.

Stop ink from spreading

Regular paper towel, which is very absorbent, was subjected to treatment which changed its properties. The treatment leaves no residue on the paper. The following photo shows: Left: Untreated paper. A drop of ink spreads easily. Right: Treated paper. A drop of ink stays in its place and does not spread. Is it similar to results obtained with gum Sandarac? (The treatment is not gum sandarac.) Is it useful for treating klaf to obtain sharper writing?