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I just got mailed this article, what are your thoughts?
Shalom all.

Am currently repairing a torah and have reached parshat Pinchas - always the worst condition as we know. However I think someone may well have got there before me as you recall the erroneous 'chametz - chamin' repair that someone had made that I uploaded recently. Well I think someone has also repaired the vav k'tiah in shalom (see below) as there is a little blob of ink on where the break would have been.

Now technically this is not pasul as all of the visual midrashim ( as I like to call them - i.e. large, small, broken, bent letters etc) are just minhagim passed down from sofer to sofer, but we are nonetheless enjoined to 'fix' them if we come across them not being there.Now if this is kasher as it stands then what is the best way of fixing? Making a break would constitute chok tochot. Scraping the entire regel and writing afresh is the obvious answer, but here I am scraping a technically kasher letter to create a deliberately broken letter (though t…