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Pasuchos in Eichah

I heard the following shailo...Someone wanted to know if there was ever a minhag went writing Megillas Eichah to put a parsha pasuchah after every pasuk?

IGNORANCE OR GREED? Benyomin's findings are quite disturbing...

Many of you may not have seen Benyomin's recent comment about selling Sifrei Torah to Reform. The general halachic consensus on this issue is that it is ossur, (although there may be exceptions, it would certainly need to be approved by a Rav and with great consideration). Yet here is Benyomins (highly disturbing) post, for those who may have missed it:

Binyomin has left a new comment on your post "Selling STa"M to Reform":

Thanks for your comments. Despite it being ussur to sell a Sefer Torah to Karoim, I believe it may be the exception rather than the rule that sofrim refuse to sell a kosher Torah to Reform shuls.

To better support my hunch I did a quick bit of research over the weekend to try to get a sense of what the current practice on this subject is among sofrim/STAM dealers in the US and Israel with websites. So, I sent an email to sixteen such sites asking for more information about starting a Torah writing campaign.

In my fictitious request, I clearly sta…

Selling Stam through the internet?

Sta"m may not be sold or given to everyone. One example are mezuzahs for goyim is assur see Yoreh Deah 291:2 Accordingly, how is one able to sell sta"m over the internet where there is no way of knowing who is the purchaser? The problem would apply not just to a Sefer Torah but to Tefillin and Mezuzahs etc... Appreciate your input.