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Smoke in ink

Yehoshua, would you agree to ask R' Shammai Gross Shlit"a the following questions? 1. The blackening ingredient in Dio Lanetzach is pure עשן. It also has עשן שמן זית. I have received a request to make a version of Dio Lanetzach in which the majority of the עשן is עשן שמן זית. Is there any Hallachic benefit to having a majority of  עשן שמן זית ?  If yes, why? 2. Most of the עשן I use now has a much stronger blackening power than עשן שמן זית. That's why Dio Lanetzach has such a strong black color. It can be diluted with a lot of water and retain its strong black color. עשן שמן זית does not have such a strong blackening power. The technical reason is that the current עשן is more than 95% black carbon and less than 5% foreign unwanted materials. עשן שמן זית on the other hand has about 60% black carbon and 40% foreign unwanted materials. In such a case is עשן שמן זית still preferred? Or, is the strongest black color preferred?  (adding a larger quantity of  עשן שמן זית does

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