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Nabataean Ches, Yud and Tzadik (1st & 2nd Century BCE)

The Nabataeans lived in the middle east near Eretz Yisrael roughly during the time of the Chashmonaim. They spoke a dialect of Aramaic and wrote using their own written alphabet which has the same letters as Hebrew. Their script has many similarities to the Hebrew (Ashuris) alphabet. 

One of their examples of the letter Ches (below right) has a chatoteres, somewhat resembling the Ksav Ashuri Ches according to Rabbeinu Tam:
One of their examples of the letter Yud (below left) vaguely resembles the Ksav Ashuri Yud, with a sort of tag above, and an ooketz below:
One of their examples of the letter Tzadik (below left) is similar to the Ksav Ashuri Tzadik (albeit crooked), with the right head facing right as in Ksav Ari zal. You can see the entire script here: