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hei - left foot problem

This was posted on my hebrew stam-blog, and I thought it quite interesting. The foot of the left hays' are extended way under the line - does this make them into a type of kuf? I think that since a tinok will not think of them as a kuf because the thickness and form of the yud, they are still kosher and should be fixed by lengthening the right foot a bit. If the left foot would not be an [ashkenazic] opposite yud (but a sefardic type of foot, that is a simple line) it would be pasul, since it would be a kuf.

shaila of hekker tzir - Chabad

If a person follows Chabad practice and uses Hekker ztir to acertain mezuzah placement, what is the din in the case where the back ikker door is a sliding door and there is a secondary security gate that sopens OUTWARDS to the garden. The garden has access to the street (around both sides of the house) so normally If it was just a sliding door I would do yemin haknisah into the house. However the security door throws a spanner into the works. Please see picture.