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Do you cover tagim - for shaylas tinok

The Nun and Yud [in "eineichem"] have a small line touching [this occured after the original csiva of the letters] - a shyla rises maybe they resemble a Mem, so a shayla to a tinok is called for. But do we have to cover the tagim of the nun? I think you don't cover the tagim, and the tinok should be asked as seen here. Since, even if only because of the tagim of the Nun, they don't look like a mem, that is sufficient to machshir. In regard to covering tagim in another example, we find in Mikdash M'at [32:60] in the name of Da'as Kedoshim, that a Yud that was a bit long and a tinok is asked if it isn't a Vav, the tag and oketz of Rabenu Tam must be covered, otherwise it's possible the tinok could not recognize the letter [Yud] itself, and only recognized it because of the tagim. Below [right pic.] is a shayla on a long yud, and [left picture] after covering the tag and oiketz. The Mikdash M'at doubts this, and paskens that b'