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Tough mezuzah shailah

I was at someone's home yesterday putting up mezuzos and I came across a difficult shailah. There is a large opening between a kitchen and another room which has a mashkof on top and one doorpost on one side, which has a mezuzah. The other side does not really have a doorpost because the kitchen counter breaks it up (see pic), but there is part of a doorpost going up about one meter on the other side.

Ideally the mezuzah should go on the side as one enters which would be on the right (yemin haknisah) since the front door is behind the photographer, but there is no full doorpost omn that side. chashivus is not really a factor here because both rooms are essentially the same and part of the kitchen.

So practically the mezuzah was put up on the other side. Is this correct? Should it be changed, and if so, how or even taken off all together?

Feedback appreciated.