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Scandal? What Scandal?

Over the past few days I have received numerous emails and phone calls from panicked customers who are reading about this retzuah controversy on the Internet. I really think this whole thing is overrated. Here's why:

1) These retzuos are still mehudar according to many poskim such as Rav Moshe S. Klien.
2) It's not like the guy did something deliberately wrong to be machte es horabim, he simply made an honest error and did not choose the correct manufacturing procedure.

If people are looking for scandals in Stam, then in my opinion, the following are far more scandalous:

1) Many  mezuzos and tefillin sold in Judaica shops around the world, many owned and run by by frum Yidden, are not written by sofrim with ksav kaballah. Based on my own research and experience, more than 50% of sofrim working in the "conveyor belt" safrus industry do not have ksav kaballah!

2) Many magihim operating both in Israel and the US do not have kaballa for "hagaha". Like in any in…

another 2 shailos

1. Is this hybrid between a tav and a hey kosher? does it have tzuras tav?
2. A vav or zayin that is too long and looks like a final nun, to be fixed does the whole letter need to be erased, or just the regel? (iow, m"m says to erase the whole letter (not because of the reda"ch), is that the halacha?)