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Pay Kefulah revisited

This morning I received a second email in two days regarding the pay kefulah:

This mornings email is from Hungary and reads:

Dear Eli,
I've found a sefer torah with strange, spiral-shaped pehs (see
attached).  Do you know anything about the history of these pehs and
their significance?
Michael Miller
Budapest, Hungary

P.S.  Perhaps it would be possible to post it on The International STa"M Forum.

I have attached the picture he sent me above

Since I am not so familliar with all of the mesorah aspects of tzuras haosiyos, I referred him to the previous post from a few days ago where Reb Moshe and Mordechai comment (I have pasted it below)

moshe weinerSeptember 4, 2012 8:14 AM 1) pai kefula mentioned in rambam and other rishonim. so it is at least 1000 years old (and according to sefer tagim is from kabala from moshe rabeinu)
it is found both in old ashkenazic, temani sefer toras. mentioned in kabala sefarim in regard to "pen" in tefilin and mezuza.
according to w…

The Zichron Eliyohu re my previous post

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