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As the readers of this blog were the first to hear about the peeling retzua "scandal" or "shaila"
Here are the updates. A Rabbi of the five towns found that a pair of retzuos he purchased were peeling,The Rabbi publicly announced that these retzuot are "posul" and denounced the sofer that unknowingly sold these retzuot.An article by Yair Hoffman followed which can be found  in the newspaper he writes for just enter "peeling" in the search box.
We did just receive a tshuva from Rabbi M S Klien who is it machshir you can find the tshuva on The Vaads Blog
One more point Yair hoffman claims " Dayan Roth of Karlsburg issued a ruling prohibiting as well.  This ruling supercedes the letter issued to a Rabbi Oberlander earlier, according to Dayan Roth’s Av Beis Din" As per my sources Rabbi Roth is printing the original tshuva in his sefer …

Parshiyos descending in the titura

I wrote about this in length a long time ago:
The International STa"M Forum: Parshiyos descending in the titura