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strange problems in a mezuza

I will take the initiative of opening the second year with an interesting mezuza scan, I received before Yom Kippur: Here is the same scan, with a problem throughout the mezuza, noted with red square [click to enlarge]: Most of the yudim are written above the sirtut , although hallachicaly bdieved this should be kosher (this also isn't pashut, the Daas Kedoshim and Divre Chayim - R. Chayim of Tzanz hold that csav that isn't attached to the sirtut is pasul. Tzarich Iyun what they would say in the case at hand - the yud is attached above the sirtut and not under the sirtut) - this is abnormal, as no sofer writes lechatchila any letter above the sirtut !!   The mezuza has a double sirtut [although many sofrim mehadrim do this to straighten the csav, it seems this scribe had a different reason] ??!!   Last, the sirtut of this mezuza is not shokea [pressed into the klaf from the correct side] but pressed outward from the back of the klaf. This is a big problem! Is th

Happy Birthday Sta"m Forum!

Last motzoi Yom Kippur, I was sitting around after the fast and my younger brother showed me how blogspot works. I had been talking about the idea of an online interactive forum with a number of fellow sofrim for some time, and I figured why not just do it. Looking back, I think it was definitely worth the effort.  We have almost 450 informative posts, with many good shailos and insights. We have had over 60,000 hits, thats an average of about 200 hits per day. And we have had many meaningful and educational discussions on all topics in Sta'm. I know I learned a lot from some of them. The best thing about it is that all past discussions and posts remain available as a resource for future reference. I thank everyone for their contributions and for being part of this. A special thank you to Rabbi Moshe Weiner for answering so many of the general shailos. Also thank you to Yehoshua Deitel for bringing many of the  shailos to Rav Shammai Gross. My future plans for the for