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Moadim Besimcha, I would like to know which type of knife is most recommended to open gassos sealed tefilin? In the past I have seen several types used by various magihim/battim workers. I untill now used a boker plus knife. Thank you

Interesting mezuzah placement question

A Gut Moed and a Gutten Kvittel to all:

In the two pictures below we have the same shailo, a gate sitting under a roof. The roof is not connected to the doorposts of the gate itself, rather it is free standing, supported by it's own pillars that have no connection to the actual doorframe.

I have always assumed that the roof is still considered like a mashkof and it would require the gate to have a mezuzah. The correct place for the mezuzah woyuld be on the actual doorpost of the gate, and not on the pillar supporting the roof.

This type of gate is common here in Melbourne and i thought I would get to the bottom of it once and for all. it seems no one here assumes it is chayev and I can't see why it would be potur.

Feedback appreciated.