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After the Retzuah Tumult

I am still searching for a good quality mehudar retzua at any cost.It seems like nobody makes retzuot like the ones made just a few years ago.
I tried:
Rav Landau
I keep on getting returns for cracking and peeling. I have retzuos for over 20 years and they are in great condition however new retzuos in case you had luck seem to hold up only a 3-6  years.After all if somebody purchases a $2000 set  and wants the best what can i give him.

Are Pshutim Mehudarim Kosher Lechatchillah?

Almost all mochrei stam I know sell pshutim mehudarim tefillin (batim). Many of these vendors try to keep a minimunm standard of Kosher lechatchillah, including myself. While the parshiyos they put into the pshutim mehudarim batim may be kosher lechatchillah, are the batim (and consequently the finished pair of tefillin) kosher lechatchillah?

I have asked numerous poskim this question. They are certainly not mehudar. And the old style pshutim are definitely bedieved.  But some poskim seem to be reluctant to call pshutim mehudarim kosher lechatchillah, because the bayis is glued at the edges.

On the other hand many of the older style pre- war batim, worn by may chosheve yidden (including notable rabbonim) were essentially made in the same way as pshutim mehudarim are made today. Furthermore pshutim mehudarim have some advantages over cheap commercial gassos that have all sorts of serious problems such as false charitzim, tiach, holes etc, problems which which do not exist in opshutim …