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sprays on Sifrei Torah Updated

I have heard that Rabbi Zirkind holds that there is a problem if one uses the spray (that helps prevent cracking) on the Torah yeriahs and latter writes on top of it. I.e. it is considered a chatzitza. If you have any information on this topic I would be happy to here from you. This is a Teshuva from the Tzitz Eliezer on the sprays on Torah Scrolls. He holds that it is not a chatzitza since it is only a "chazusa bealma" and is batul to the klaf. He notes that it is not really noticeable unless one is quite familiar with it. I will note that the Tzitz Eliezer is only speaking that the spray is not a chatzitza to the eye of the reader (similar to the reader that is wearing glasses), he does not refer to if later a sofer wanted to add diyo on top of the sprayed letters. Lichora there is no difference since it is batul. Not openly mentioned but it also seems that the Tzitz Eliezer only refers to a thin …

A must for your tefillin!

Did you see the latest "patent" for tefillin?

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Is this Mem Stuma Kosher?

I am currently checking a bunch of Mezuzahs written by the same sofer. He consistently makes the Mem Stuma with a line sticking down on the bottom right.
Here is a picture of one of the more egregious instances.

Is this a shinuy tzurah lifsol? If it is not passul, should I leave it alone or add ink to the bottom to make it square? I would appreciate any insight since I am not finding anything on this in the sefarim I have.

daled hafucha. possul?

The first zayin is possul (its a daled hafucha) according to all the seforim I checked. Can anyone find a tzad to be machshir?

See the picures above after I 1) cropped off the tagin (which were anyway not written toch kedai kesivah) and 2) after I inverted it. It's mamash a kosher daled.

This mezuzah also has many tagin not mechubar, and beisim which are round on top right - both bedieved which normally I would have fixed, had it not been for the zayin/daled hafucha.