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Mehudar Tefillin

Let's say someone has 3 parshiyos that are kosher but not mehudar and one parsha that is considered to be mehudar. Is there any milah in this? Can the Tefillin be called Mehudar at all? What if someone has an option to change one parsha (let's say the last of tefillin shel rosh) to a "mehudar" parsha is there any milah in this even though the others are still not considered "mehudar".

Interesting chakirah I heard today...

Tefillin upside down

Someone went to get their tefillin checked before their chasanah and discovered the parshiyos in the Tefillin Shel Yad was put in upside down. The M"B and SA HaRav both say this is pasul even b'dieved. Are there however any poskim that say this is kosher b'dieved?

(I realize their is shitas R"T that says it should be put in "lying down". However despite this the poskim still say in a case of when it was turned upside down completely that it's pasul even b'dieved.)