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Keeping the Forum non-commercial

Dear Forum member/reader,
When I set up the forum it was supposed to be a non commercial aide for English speaking sofrim to discuss halacha etc. I think we can all agree that it is going well the way it is, and I would like to keep it non commercial.

Having said that, I receive occasional requests from members with commercial interests and in some cases there may be other forum members that are in a position to genuinely help them. Examples include sofrim who write Stam that do not have enough buyers, sochrim who are stuck with a sefer torah or other items that they ordered and were not paid for, etc. Perhaps davaka someone on the forum is looking for such an item and both members could benefit.

For example last night I received an email from a forum member who bought a sefer torah and the buyer changed his mind and now he is stuck with the sefer torah. I would like to help him.
So what I would like to propose is that -while I think we should keep the forum non commercial- as a minuimum …