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2 Shailos

The vuv of uvkumecha looks like it does not have a rosh (kiokinos). Some poskim are matir to fix with a rosh mashehu which seems to be the case here. However in real life this is much less noticeable, keep in mind that this picture is probably magnatized 10 times at least the origonal size of this 6 cm mezuzua. I believe that this Tzadik Sofit is kosher especially since I did a shaylos tinok, if so would you fix this letter any more and how?

Two Issues

I would love to hear everyone's input on these two shaalos that I found today.

Chaf Sofit next to long Shin and Peh?

I think there is a very good chance that if I would show this Chaf Sofit of Nafshecha to a Tinok, they would read it as a Reish or Vov.

On the other hand, perhaps this isn't shayach to show to a tinok for the following reasons.

1. Perhaps it is similar to the teshuva of the Avnei Nezer regarding the word "Pen" when the nun is shorter than the Peh, even thought the nun is long enough. Or perhaps this is worse since there is also a long shin here and shin isn't supposed to be a long letter.

2. If we say that this is a bit different than the Avnei Nezer, perhaps it still isn't shayach to show to a tinok because the tinok is used to seeing the Chaf Sofit with an ekev like in the siddur?

Shins with the three heads not meeting up at the bottom?

What about these Shins. Is this considered a Shinuy Tzurah? Should I leave it alone, should I try to fill i…

Vav flower

In one kabbalistic Torah that I have checked I have come across the following type of vav

which is noted in Torah Sh'lemah vol. 29 and also in Dikdukei Sofrim and Me'ir Eyney Sofrim where it seem the flower version of the letter is kasher as long as the decorative flourish fully joins the letter form and it is still recognisable as a vav (some of the forms Torah Sh'lemah brings under vav certainly wouldn't be).

Have other sofrim come across this. Do you know more about this tradition? Are there any other sources that deal with it? What was it supposed to signify?



This to me looks like the yudim brought by R Moshe where the regel attaches directly to the kotz with no rosh in between. Yalkut HaSofer says it can be fixed by adding ink....thoughts?
Sorry - the yud in עיניך....