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pai with several nifsakim

The pai of Pen has several breaks in it. According to majority of poskim [R. Akiva Eiger, SA Harav, Mishna Brura] that allow fixing a clear hefsek in the letter as long as the general "tzuras Ha'os" is recognized [by a tinok] this pai can be fixed. More than 1 hefsek doesn't cause a greater problem.

Question on ink thickness

Some inks come in one thickness and the sofer can add water or a Medallel to thin it if necessary.

Some inks come in a choice of thick, medium, and thin. Even then, sometimes a few drops of water may sometimes be necessary for a perfect fit to the convenience of the sofer.

Which kind of inks is preferred by most sofrim? Does it help if all thinning is done by water, never needing a Medallel?

Rip in Yeriah

Although this is kosher, how would you recomend to repair this rip in the yeriah?