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scratching letters for a siyum

Hi all,

I recently had a situation where I ordered a sefardi sefer torah and the sofer left only a few letters to be filled in by the shul. the shul wants more for donors and want to know if i can scratch out some letters, to be filled in at the siyum .

The sefer has osiyos nifsakim at the end, not osiyos challalim, so the sefer is definitely NOT kosher. Furthermore the yeriyos are not sewn together yet, so it is a work in progress. Question is, can one make more small nifsakim to accommodate the extra donors? Obviously hashems name cannot be touched but what about some other words / letters?

Feedback appreciated...

Atsey query

Am just fixing a very small torah from Canada - fortunately only minor repairs. However I have noticed that the discs of the atsey chayyim are all lose. I have dealt with individual loose discs before and repaired them. However the fact that all four are loose and by the looks of the disc hole size were deliberately made so gives me pause for thought that his was a deliberate thing because the Torah is so small. Should I fix them or leave them as is. Has any one any thoughts/experience of this?