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According to the Tzemach Tzedek a yud without a regel  is a shalos tinok because it didnt loose its tzurah legamri, however im not quite sure what geder this is... any thoughts?

Ashkenazim with sephardi mezuzos

Is vellish really bedieved for ashkenazim? At least it's an accepted kabollah and perhaps a decent sefardi mezuzah (while in the first instance probably shouldnt be sold to ashkenazi jews for the same reason sefardi jews should not be sold ashkenazi sta"m ) is not really worth making an issue to the  "amcha " customers  that so often end up with whatever they were given. I would sooner make an issue about bedieveds within a  certain kabollah (such as short lameds) than a perfectly written mezuzah that just ended up in the "wrong" hands...

I seem to recall a teshuvah from r' Shlomo Zalman Aurbach specifically about vellish. Obviously it would depend on the customer but I thing in general for "amcha" customers, we have bigger battles to fight as magihim...