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Curved Resh

There are times when a scribe curves his writing so much that a RESH appears to resemble a KHAF instead of a RESH.  If the curvature is extreme to the point that it shows a slight MOSHAV, it appears to me that a SHEELAT TINOK is not necessary as then it's obvious that the letter has lost it's shape.  Nevertheless, it is possible that there will still be those who totter in their perception as in the above RESH's.  The letters will at times appear to them as a RESH, and at others as resembling a KHAF.  

Please weigh-in.  Would you off-the-bat invalidate the above RESH's or require a SHEELAT TINOK?

hefsek nikar

There is a break in the hay's foot. I didn't know if we could permit it to be fixed [in tefilin] because a small strip of the dyo is a "hefsek sh'aino nikar" or we follow the clear majority that is simply a seperate chunk from the main body of letter, and therefore cannot be fixed.
I think the second svara is more correct.

problem with ayin

some of the ayin in this mezuza are so slanted and bent at their bottom, a tinok is required to define they are ayin and not tzadi pshuta.