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Hachnassas Sefer Torah for a Refurbished Sefer

I recently refurbished and sold a sefer Torah to a local shul (Frum kehilla, of course).  They have asked me to assist with a hachnossa for this sefer.  Being that it is not a new sefer (although it is in excellent condition), I am uncertain as to the procedure/propriety for a hachnossa.  Has anyone been in such a circumstance before and, if so, please suggest protocol. Any help is much appreciated!

vav with tag entering

If a tag of a lamed enters the space of  a vav on the line above (on the bottom left of the space to the left of the regel) can this a chash of a hay? By daled and reish it is but some say it applies to a vav too? Must you cover and show a tinok like daled and reish? I know each case differs but I'm talking about a standard (not overly wide) vav and a not overly thick tag (without a rosh).

If anyone has any shimush on this please let me know