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akev beis entering a vav

I think this situation is a shaylas tinok, because there is a strangeness in this vav, it is square and tilted a bit, and together with the akev entering a bit might be mistaken by a tinok as a hey. But if the tinok read it correctly it is kosher. In order to correctly ask a tinok, the body of the beis left of the vav should be covered.

Vav with tag entering

After Eli's post on the shailo of tagim from the lamed entering in the space of a vav and with the comments I posted there I'd like to perhaps give an example. Eli - Please comment and say if this is what you had in mind. This shailo either appeared here on this blog or on R' Moshe's Hebrew blog. R' Shammai said this is a shailos tinnok. As well he said one doesn't have to cover the lamed in this case when asking the tinnok. Perhaps this is more of a shailo since the gag of the vav is a little bit longer. Hopefully this is a good example of what Eli was speaking about.