Aleph, Ayin and Vav/Yud

Pic 1) I don't recall his exact words but I seem to remember R Shtern in Mishnat HaSofer saying that if both nekudot in the Aleph touch at the same place (ie like and X) then it's a major problem - I think he may have been machshir bediavad and I know others are but can anyone shed some light for me?

Pic 2) how far does an Ayin have to go to be meshane tzura? This one could almost be a tZadi peshuta - I reckon this one may still be ok, but it's close...?

Pic 3) for me the yud and vav are too close even for a tinok. Some may argue since they're slanted and the vav is a bit lower then a tinok can still help. Thoughts?


  1. Hi Ari,
    Pic 1: this x issue is a invented chumra, and anyway here it isnt a complete x, it is just "nebach" an ugly alef.
    pic.2: the ayin is still kosher, although out of shape a bit.
    pic 3: pasul, there is basicaly no diference here between the yud and vav. so there is a double problem, a. one of the letters is pasul for shinuy tzura, b. this word cannot be read correctly.
    thanks for the post

  2. you can fix the alef anyway, i always do


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