Applying a T'lai that's Hidden from the Eye

By way of mechika I have made a hole in the klaf of a megillah. The hole is very small and I would like to fit a tlai on this spot in a cosmetic way where the evidence of the tlai's presence (either when looking from the front or the back of the yeriah) goes undetected.
Can anyone with professional experience describe how to go about this delicate procedure?


  1. As long as the hole is kosher (ie not big enough to be a problem of mukaf gvil or removed enough from the letter that its not touching), there are ways to cover the hole so that it will not be noticed.

    Here are the 2 ways I find work best:

    1) use a shaving blade, the same blade used to be kolef ink, to be kolef a tiny patch of klaf and stick it with PVA glue on the back of the hole. After the PVA dries you can sand it back with sand paper and it will make this tiny thin matlis invisible.

    2) Buy plaster filler at the hardware store. put a tiny amount at the end of a no. 11 blade. it will fill most tiny holes that are in klaf. This, you do from the front, not the back.


    1. Reb Eli,
      i am inclined to work with the first method that was cited but perhaps it's worth mentioning that the hole has created an issue of mukaf gvil. it currently extends into the rosh of a lamed. would that at all change the process required in method #1?

    2. If the hole is big enough to passel you cannot repair it like this, rather you must first scrape it away from the hole if possible

    3. certainly the hole is not big enough to pasul
      i showed it to someone who recommended the exact method you set forth in example number 1 and it worked magnificently.
      now i know why they call you the "top bloke"
      cheers, Reb Eli!

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