Computer program

I would like to buy a computer program that checks sta"m and I'm looking for advice for which program to get and how to get it etc.


  1. Have you considered using the Vaad's checking system? It may be more affordable (the software can be a big layout upfront) and also helps to support the work of the Vaad. R' Shmiel Traube (on this forum - Bais HaStam) can provide you with a lot of practical info on using it, registering, etc.

  2. I would love info on that too. As I am not a professional sofer, the investment for the software is cost-prohibitive.

  3. most people who buy the program buy Tor's program called Tikkun Sofrim

  4. I will be back in my office after shabbos, I will post their number then

  5. There is a program called Keshet Hasofer and is produced by a sofer in Betar Ilit.

    It is reasonably priced and is designed for "as you go checking". They are very responsive to questions.
    It's not designed for checking an entire Sefer Torah at once but rather to catch any errors before you get too far along.

    Their website is

    (R' Eli - I apologize if the posting of websites is not permitted)

  6. for the tikkun sofrim program i use - tel no 97239798090


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