I always struggle with the ends of the lines on the cheaper Mezuzos, I always understood that if it has three lines one ending a kulmus further then the line above its possul. but ive been told its not so poshut to passul a Mezuzah because of this... also what about a Mezuzah such as the one in the picture where its all wavy, whats the din?  any thoughts or guidelines that i can work with?
Thank you


  1. I think the Pesul you're referring to is in hilchot mezuza in yoreh dea siman 288:9 and is termed kuba, Zanav or igul. Beis Yosef in the same siman brings the Gemara this is derived from...I understand that it is Pasul when three successive lines protrude from each other by at least and ot - but it's fixable

    Your mezuza doesn't seem to have this problem though...

  2. Most kuba / zanav problems can be easily fixed

  3. I know its fixable... sometimes i get a Mezuzah that has it more severe the question is in what case what it actually be a problem before its fixed?
    and a os is even a yud so it can be as little as a kulmus...
    im asking because ive seen many Mezuzos with this problem that were checked by supposedly reliable sofrim in the past and apparently they completely ignore this issue..

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  5. See Keset Hasofer 27:6 that holds that if it is a kuba or zanav even on one side it is pasul.

    The Mishnas Hasofer(Rav Shtern) (ibid:16)writes that even if it is not a full side i.e. a complete side of the mezuza rather only 3 lines one should be stringent.
    In the Sheari Tzion (ibid:14)brings the Sefer Coach Shor that is mekeil if the kuba or zanav is only on one side and would be meikel if there was no way to fix it. However Rav Shtern concludes not like this opinion rather like majority opinions that are pasul even on 3 lines on one side.

  6. I think most sofrim and magihim ignore it simply because they don't know the Halacha. Since its in hilchot mezuza in yoreh dea - if people just learn the requirements for smicha (at least by Mishmeret Stam) they probably wouldn't know about kuba/Zanav....


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