Taking the Torah out: Updated

I was asked if one may take out a Sefer Torah (which the choshen was donated by the family)for the purposes of the Bar Mitzvah boy to take pictures with. The family (traditional-not Orthadox) considers it very important to take a picture with the Torah. I heard there is a halachik issue of non kavod LeTorah for taking it out for reasons other than reading or fixing it. Based on Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim 135:14) there are halachik limitations to where a Torah is allowed to be transferred as the Mishna Berura puts it (ibid:47), "that it is a dishonor to bring the Torah to people who need it rather the people should go to it". The Rema (ibid)writes that for a adam chashuv it is allowed to bring a Torah to him in any scenario. The Mishna Berura ibid:50 interprets adam chashuv as a gadol beTorah, the Mishna Berura also brings the opinion of the Magen Avraham that a adam chashuv is not enough rather in addition they need to be an anus (unable physically to come to the Torah). As was suggested by some of the chashuve members of this forum it seems that it is not a problem since this is ultimately for the kvod of the Torah. I will add that according to this premis that would only apply as long as the Torah does not leave its set place, for there is problem to take the Torah out of the shul unless there is a valid reason like for reading or a adam chashuv (which would not apply in this case)(see Zohar chelek gimel 71,b).Taking a picture would not seemingly be a strong enough of a reason to take it out of its set place.


  1. I believe this is accepted, although I have no sources

  2. I'm not aware of any sources, but anything that connects a young bar mitsvah and his family to a Torah is a good thing and if they see that as important then all the better. Perhaps in the future he will read it more.


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