Megillah written in pencil

Someone sent me a picture of a megillah they were offered by a Sofer in Eretz Yisroel. It looks like it has been written first in pencil.
Is this possul due to a: Ksav al Gabei Ksav and b: Shinuy tzurah of many of the letters caused by the pencil marks underneath?

Rav Stern in Mishnas Hasofer 3:8 writes that this is posul for Tefillin Mezuzah and Sefer Torah is there any reason why the same halocha would not apply to a megillah?

He also writes in 8:9 that pencil marks made by a magiah can cause a shinuy tzurah, presumably that would also apply here.


  1. Wow, now I've seen it all!

    I don't know if ksav al gabey ksav is a problem here as much as shinui tzurah caused by all those pencil marks....and to erase them with a pencil eraser would be considered chok tochus according to many opinions


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