Mezuzah Problems

The daily task of checking mezuzot that are not written by properly trained sofrim is daunting.  In this mezuzah, there are letters that are not properly formed.   Please take a look at the MEMS and NUNS.

In the above case the roof of the MEM is greatly separated from the VAV and descends to the bottom of the CHARTUM.    In the subsequent case the NUNS already appear like KHAFS.

These appear to be straight PASSUL.  However, it is not so simple.  With the MEM, because the thickness of the descending line; it appears that, on the left it connects to the middle of the VAV, and on the right at the bottom.  Perhaps, we have to be lenient like in the case of a GIMMEL where the left foot connects to the right foot near or at the top of the roof.  Would you be lenient with such a MEM?  Your comments please.  


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  2. the mem is a problem, but we don't have sufficient halachic basis to pasel it.
    the first 2 nuns are problematic, should be shown to a tinok, the last one is pasul.

  3. Rav Moshe - could you please explain more about your post...

    I would've thought the first nun to be ok and the second 2 to show to a tinok? Maybe I've missed something...

    1. all 3 nuns are very close. but it seems to my eye that the last one is already past a shaylas tinok and an obvious shinuy tzura from being a nun.

    2. Rav Moshe,
      Would your reason to passul the last nun be the tiny ekev on the right side? If so, I would say it's still small enough to be a shaylas tinok like the other two.

    3. No, it was just wider than the other 2, and to wide for a nun.


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