Press for tefillin bottoms

I have a hot press that I have used for years for flattening warped tefillin bottoms.  I got it from another sofer about four years ago.  

It died a very final death today and I need another one.   Before putting in the money, though, I would be interested in hearing other techniques/equipment used for flattening warped tefillin bottoms.   Please Share!


  1. This is how I do it, as shown by Moshe Eizenbach from Yerushalayim:

    1) open the bayis really wide so the titira (tachtona) is extended outwards away from the bayis.

    2) stick the titura (tachtonah) in a large cup of water, making sure the bayis does not get wet. Soak it in the cup for 24 hours.

    3) when the titurah is soft and still wet clamp it between two metal plates for 24 hours, letting it dry.

    it will dry straight, but you may need to re drill the holes when sewing it up.

    4) after it is sewn, sand the sides on a sanding belt so trhat the upper titura and lower titura are flush, since the water and subsequent clamping may have stretched the titurah tachtonah

    5) Ideally hermetically seal again with glue to prevent further warping

  2. R" Avraham,
    What model type of hot press work for Tefillin?


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