Supply Shopping In Israel / Yerushalayim

This is a little different than our usual topic.  I will soon have the opportunity to be in Yerushalayimg for the first time since becoming a sofer.  Any recommendations for places I can buy supplies including stocking up on some klaf, and some tikkunim.
Also, any good seforim stores in the yerushalayim that will have a good selection on st'am.


  1. you can go to klaf back he is right above shikun chabad if you take alias rabbi nanus the other stores are harder to find because they rely on word of mouth to find them i would have to check my notes i have the number to yaakov klaf (ps it is very hard to find it is in shuk meah shearim after the steablach)0546420301 you will like their store because of the variety of different stuff they have they have a high quality of klaf back is a little less because people say there klaf is to smooth but it is a little cheaper and a find that after ai use sanpaper a little there is no problem there are many other stores but i don't know how to describe where they are

  2. This link is one of my diary/blog posts about shopping for supplies in Yerushalayim.
    You may find it useful as I have pics and addresses. K'laf Beck has sadly been shut every time I've gone. I tend to go to Keset Hasofer as my main supply place, but Hasofer is also good and the sofer there is very nice.

  3. Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for, I will follow in your (shopping) footsteps.


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