A letter TAV that is written with both feet coming out from the same point on the rosh, although not written in accordance to dikduk, is still kasher.  In the above case, however, the first TAV of TITEN has the right foot as partially appearing to come out from the left yerekh.  This is due to the thickness of the line, as the rest of the the right foot emanates from the roof.

There is another problem with the above TAV.  If one observes carefully, the right foot appears to emanate  from the middle to"west" of the middle of the roof.  The halakha is also such, that if the right foot of the TAV emanates from the middle of the roof, although not written bedikduk, the letter is still Kasher BediEved.

Summing the two above problems, it appears that this letter should be rendered passul.  Although one may argue as to the kashruth of each separate case, here they seem to compound thus changing the Zurat HaOT.

Your comments are appreciated.  Is the above TAV redeemable or is it Passul Legamrei?


  1. It is definitly pasul. A total distort [shinuy tzura] of the letter.

  2. Hi R. Moshe,
    Yes! It is a gross distortion of the TZURAT HaOT. More so, such a letter begins to look like a GIMMEL with a very long roof. It's absolutely PASSUL.


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