zayin pasul

I think the zayin in the word be'chozek is pasul. It is a narrow dalet (tilted a bit), not a zayin.
I would appreciate your opinion/thoughts.


  1. Passul. See Sefekut HaSofer OT Zayin #10

  2. Why isn't this a classic Shaylat Tinok?

  3. Because the left side of the letter is long enough that it is clearly ain tzurasa aleha

  4. It doesn't seem clear to me at all. If it was indeed so clear, I don't think this post would be here. This is exactly what shaylat tinok is meant to solve, a vav that may be a reish, a yud that may be a vav etc.

  5. I guess we just moved up one level. A shaylas tinok is meant to resolve a judgement call but now we have a case where two people make different calls on whether or not it's a shaylas tinok. I probably also should have allowed for the fact that the image here is much larger than the actual size of the tefillin.

    1. I cut the screen size to 50% and to me it looks mamash a little dalet.


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