What do you make out of the first Zayin of Mezuzot?
When magnified there appears a slight zavit on the right of the head.  However, this is not the case on a normal scale where the foot appears to be just plainly thrown to the right.  My inclination is to follow the Sefekut HaSofer and call it PASSUL.  However, it may perhaps have a redeeming quality that can save this beautiful mezuzah.  Your comments are all appreciated.


  1. good to go, alberto!

  2. Looks fine from here, just at normal viewing distance from the screen.

  3. Thanks! It is just one of those where in the magnified scanned picture it looks good, but in actual scale it's just not quite what it should be. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that this one, no matter how close the foot is placed to the right of the head, is definitely not able to be confused with a Sfardi Daled, mainly because of the extreme shortness of the left part of the ROSH. As such, I concur and appreciate your input. Whe are good to go!


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