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Any idea of the origins of this ksav?

It's written on gvil, very old... Is it possibly temani? Feedback appreciated.

Checking Mezuzot of a School

I remember seeing somewhere a machloket poskim as to whether mezuzot of a school should be checked twice a shmita like private homes or twice a yovel like public city gates and buildings etc. I don't remember where or the maskana but I think those in favour of twice a shmita were arguing that if the school has a board that runs it specifically and is responsible for it then its considered a reshut hayachid (for this purpose). Does anyone have any sources or know what is noheg lema'ase?

found tefilin in genizah

a friend of mine found a pair sfardi tefilin in a gnizah in 770 can he have them checked and assume that they are kosher since they were probally put there because someone changed to chabad tefilin


Kosher? Chok Tochos?
Mezuzah checked today! Have fun finding the mistake!... I named the file with todays date, in order to accommodate the ones who were complaining that I'm taking away all their fun by naming the file by its mistake... So, I hope your fun won't be spoiled now...  


HI I was wondering what the olam uses to keep DYO in while writing and if there is something that is good that be opened & closed & moved around without spilling THANK YOU

Another Mezuzah Placement Shaloh

Since the other Shaloh went over so well and thank you everybody for your answers I have another shaloh. This is the Beis Medresh where I Daven Mincha everyday. In the back of the Beis Medresh there is a opening to the Seforim shelves, as you can see in the picture (and I made a red box around it) there is a Mezuzah on the right post, its been nagging me for a while whether this opening really needs a Mezuzah, there is a door on the left side so maybe its considered a opening to the door? Any insights? Thank you,

A Freilichen Purim!

Wishing all Forum members and readers a freilichen Purim!

Question on Mishna Berurah 32:79

This came up as a theoretical question today. Mishna Berurah says that one can scrape connected letters even within Names and it isn't considered mochek es haSheim if they were connected at the bottom. Is there any difference if the connection is on top (assuming the letters were written in a way that nichtav b'psul is not an issue)?

Head Lost in Space

saw this in an old sefer torah today during the laining for תענית אסתר: the rosh of the lamed from "ולישראל" generously protrudes into the חלל of the ך from "אפך" would love to hear everyone's point of view on whether this is kosher or the opposite - and especially would love to know what r' moshe weiner and r'shammai say on a tangential note: r' moshe and rav shammai: where/when are your hours for hora'ah in yerushalayim? it would be a privilege for me to meet you in person... may everyone who contributes or reads this blog be inscribed in the book of purim along with all of klal yisrael. and for everyone outside the holy city and the holy land - please come home soon!

Hand written Ketubah

If anyone writes kesubas and is interested in writing one for someone from my shul, Knesset Israel. I live in Los Angeles. Thank you

Dalet pasul

I think this Dalet is pasul, and there is no place for a shaylas tinok. It is actualy a Reish (although pasul for a reish also) with a oketz stuck to the upper part of its foot. The basic structure of the letter reads it a reish.

Shel Rosh

I received a pair of parshiot where pasha of shema and vehaya im Shomoah in tefillin Shel Rosh still connected in one piece of Klaf. The Baal Magiah said its Bedieved and sends me to Simen LAMED BEIS Seif BEIS and to the Mishna Brura there. I asked few Sofrim Moomchim and I can’t get a clear answer if the tefillin are kosher lechatchila or not.


If all the writing was uniform in height I'd think maybe this vav requires a sheilat tinok. But since it isn't, and all the parshiyot are much longer than 4-5 kulmusim - does anyone feel that a sh"t is required?

More thoughts on the picture posted by R. Sholom Kass

After thinking a bit more about the case posted by R. Sholom Kass, I looked in Sefer Pitchei Shearim and found this example. It seems that the case posted by R. Sholom would be similar to the second illustration here, which according to the Pitchei Shearim is obligated in a Mezuzah. The only difference between the cases is that in R. Sholom's example, the left wall continues beyond the descending wall. This is a mitigating factor regarding a brocho, but I believe we usually put a Mezuzah mtzad safek when it is the left wall that continues and not the right one.  It would seem clear that in any case the two columns in the middle are to be disregarded since they are only to hold up the roof. So perhaps there should be one Mezuzah on the right-most column and affixed without a brocha?

Mezuzah Placment

What is the Halacha in regards to Mezuzos for the three beams in the picture? Thanks

Learning with old Batim

There is a shailo that I've heard asked by R' Shammai Gross now a few times. The teshuva is not so clear so perhaps the olam here might have some insight. Someone working in STaM and teaching wants to use old batim that are now pasul to teach with. It'll involve "breaking" them apart, cutting, putting holes, sanding, etc, etc. His question is since they were once used for the mitzvah of tefillin and have kedusha even though they are now pasul perhaps it's a problem to do this. Does anyone have any sources on this or experience? R' Shammai at first was noteh lhakil however said he's not sure and needs to look into it more. I will post more if there will be any updates.

Small Mem Sofit

According to the interpretation of R. Yosef Tov Elem (980-1050), composer of the piyyut Chasal Siddur Pesach, the mem sofit in וטהרתם in Bamidbar 31:24 is written small. However this is clearly a very minority opinion as I have not seen it listed elsewhere else. I found it recently listed in a web list but without a source and haven't seen it in any other listing. Has anyone seen this before or even in a Sefer Torah?

Dallas, Texas - Please Read

If anyone on this forum is travelling to Dallas, Texas in the next week or two to check or review sifrei torah or a single sefer torah, please be in touch with me:  There is a, well, "delicate situation" here that you may want a hakdama to before getting involved. HaMavin Yavin.

Shin - heads touching

The heads of the shin are touching with a thick negiya. It is customary to pasel this type of negiya, and consider scratching it "chok tochos".




does this  needs mezuza

Ink Blot?

Today during writing a Lamed something happened which got me to think. As I was strengthening the connection between the VAV and CHAF, the ink just poured onto the letter making the whole CHAF on blot of ink. My kulmus was still on the klaf, so I pulled it around and down to the end on the LAMED on the bottom. As I pulled it ALL the ink retracted leaving a perfect LAMED mukaf gvil by white klaf with not even a trace on it. Is this letter kosher? There is no Chok Techot, but the letter did go from being non-kosher to being kosher. Also, it is not like a CHAF with a sharp corner at the top where we simply add ink. Here the ink was "taken away" from a non kosher letter, and it was made kosher. What had me thinking its kosher is that this was all done with one swipe of the kulmus, which never lifted off the klaf. Input is appreciated. Thanks.

osam es

A computer generated repair of how to fix Shea's "osam osam" without making ponim chadoshos or leaving more than a 3 yudin gap between the words


How can I fix the tavs in vnatata in sefardi they are supposed to be round and these are square as can be clearly seen it looks like it was once erased on that spot before 
Just found - 5 minutes ago! - See if you can find the mistake!   MISHENICHNAS ADAR MARBIN BESIMCHA!

Does anyone know of a Sofer named Elazar Rabbani?

He is also said to be a Mekubal. Please  email me privately if you have any information about him.

yud with two tagim

The Ksiva Tama leaves this at shalas chacham depending if lost tzurah after quoting Rav Wosner and Shibolei Haleket. Please post your opinions if this yud lost the Tzurah
This is how someone was wearing his Tefillin for years! - Was too heavy for him - so tried to remedy the problem on his own, by attaching a sponge to the bottom! Clear Chatzitza!

Osiyos chalalos by Shaim hashem

A sofer emailed me that he was asked to do a hascholas sefer torah, where the outline was written by the original sofer who was writing the sefer. The outline of the first 3 Shaimos were just like the other words, ie outline sketched, not written properly, as is the minhag (to write the shaimos properly). The sofer who did the haschala is concerened that the "Am haratzus" of the sofer may be an issue. He asked me : 1)what's the Sofers obligation that was asked to fill it in? 2)What should the same Sofer tell the Balhabos? Feedback appreciated

Need Chabad Parshiot written with דיו לנצח

I have a client who wants new Parshiot for both Rashi and Rabeinu Tam Tfillin, in כתב אדמוה"ז , written with דיו לנצח  and with all the Hiddurim of Chabad. Please contact me at zvi @ diolanet zach . com Include also your phone No. Thanks, Zvi
Can you find all 3 mistakes? The first two, are both from the same house - and supposedly passed a computer inspection! The third, seems to be written on  Purim afternoon... Besides the "drunken" Kesav - it has a "drunk" mistake as well...

Bedek Chaya

I see that there are many different minhagim with the taging of the letter Chet. 1. There are some who write only a Makel at the very left of the left Zayin.(Pic 19) 2. Some who omit the Makel and write a tag between the middle and left of the left Zayin(Pic 20) 3. And there are some who do both of the above. (Pic 21) I am writing a Megila Beis Yosef, and still havent started the taging. I am not sure what I should do in this one. Usually I write like the first option as taught by my Reb, but I would like to know what is the best option for this Ksav. Input/sources greatly appreciated! Thanks.

30" Mezuzos

B"h What are the measurements for a 30" mezuzah? Size of sirtut, length of ksav, gilyonos on all sides