30" Mezuzos

What are the measurements for a 30" mezuzah? Size of sirtut, length of ksav, gilyonos on all sides


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    1. If it's 30 inches , which is massive, just take a 15cm mezuzah and just multiply everything by 5 (sirtut, gilyonos, kulmus size etc)

  2. The formula of the size of the line in a mezuza is height/23.5 so in this case 30/23.5 = 1.276 cm. The top gilyon is the same as a regular line and from the bottom sirtut the space of 1.5 lines.
    In the beginning - the space that equals somewhere between 3.5 to 4 lines so in this case between 4.46 to 5.1 cm, and at the end just whats needed for hekef gvil but it is better to leave more - in this case I would say about 1.5-2 cm.
    The length of the line itself is very individual, depending on how long (or short) is your writing. In one klaf store I once asked they told me that they make it 24 cm but I personally think its to much. I tried once on a piece of klaf and I got to 21-22 cm. The best thing is to try yourself: prepare a kulmus of the correct size and write line number 8, 11 or 21 (those are "standard" size lines) and see what are the results. then see if you can write in that length line 3 or 16 ( the "squeezed" lines) and adjust accordingly.


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