Another Mezuzah Placement Shaloh

Since the other Shaloh went over so well and thank you everybody for your answers I have another shaloh.
This is the Beis Medresh where I Daven Mincha everyday. In the back of the Beis Medresh there is a opening to the Seforim shelves, as you can see in the picture (and I made a red box around it) there is a Mezuzah on the right post, its been nagging me for a while whether this opening really needs a Mezuzah, there is a door on the left side so maybe its considered a opening to the door? Any insights?
Thank you,


  1. It is patur. The beam was not constructed for the sake of (and indeed isn't) a doorpost.

    1. Thank you
      Thats what I felt, but even more so not just its not a doorpost but it isn't a room either... Its funny because there are three opening like this to the seforim shelves in the back of the beis medresh and each one has a Mezuzah, you would think someone looked into the Halachah before just putting Mezuzos everywhere... Should I try to inquire as to who decided it needs one?


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