Bedek Chaya

I see that there are many different minhagim with the taging of the letter Chet.

1. There are some who write only a Makel at the very left of the left Zayin.(Pic 19)

2. Some who omit the Makel and write a tag between the middle and left of the left Zayin(Pic 20)

3. And there are some who do both of the above. (Pic 21)

I am writing a Megila Beis Yosef, and still havent started the taging. I am not sure what I should do in this one. Usually I write like the first option as taught by my Reb, but I would like to know what is the best option for this Ksav.

Input/sources greatly appreciated! Thanks.


  1. Do you have the sefer ksivah tamah? If yes, Look in the intro to os ches

  2. I dont have the sefer ill try and look it up though, thanks.


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