found tefilin in genizah

a friend of mine found a pair sfardi tefilin in a gnizah in 770 can he have them checked and assume that they are kosher since they were probally put there because someone changed to chabad tefilin


  1. Speculations are risky. Good kosher Tefillin are not placed in gnizah without a reason. He could have made a prohibited correction and later discovered that it was prohibited; he could have discovered something else wrong with them, that cannot be inspected (i.e. non-kosher klaf); and who knows what else.

    By the way, Rabbi Groner personally told me that the Rebbe held that if the Tefillin are good according to the Chabad minhag, except for the Ktav being not Alter-Rebbe, then, the Tefillin should not be replaced.

  2. Tefillin in a Genizah are Hefker. They have no owner. The fact that they are closed means that they were not invalidated after being checked.

    Your friend can certainly have them checked. If they are good, by all means they should be put to good use.


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