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saw this in an old sefer torah today during the laining for תענית אסתר:
the rosh of the lamed from "ולישראל" generously protrudes into the חלל of the ך from "אפך"
would love to hear everyone's point of view on whether this is kosher or the opposite - and especially would love to know what r' moshe weiner and r'shammai say

on a tangential note: r' moshe and rav shammai: where/when are your hours for hora'ah in yerushalayim? it would be a privilege for me to meet you in person...

may everyone who contributes or reads this blog be inscribed in the book of purim along with all of klal yisrael.
and for everyone outside the holy city and the holy land - please come home soon!


  1. The caf is kosher [as written in several poskim] since it doesn't resemble a hay at all, since the rosh lamed is at the right side of the caf [the problem is basicaly when the rosh lamed is standing at the left part].
    Although any entrance of a lamed into another letters' space should not be done lechatchila, after the fact is kosher.

    1. thank you so much, r' weiner
      also do you answer shailas in a beis hora'ah? if so, when and where?


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