HI I was wondering what the olam uses to keep DYO in while writing and if there is something that is good that be opened & closed & moved around without spilling THANK YOU


  1. reb d.a.
    i use a glass medicine dropper that comes with a small glass bottle
    the 3-tiered writing surface i use has an extended arm for holding ink bottles.
    while i write i keep the bottle closed (although not screwed tight)
    i use the dropper to place a small amount of ink onto the kulmus as needed

  2. For long-form writing I use a dropper bottle. R. Eliezer Adam shows how in (part of his series of STAM videos), at the 4:35 mark.

    For tikunim I use a Nahari inkwell (the inkwell is set in a block of lucite for stability).

    1. Wow, it's pro-tips like this that really help me most from this site. I just use an old single-serving jam jar from last year's mishloach manos. :)


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